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What Are Film Presets?

manipulate colors independently

manipulate colors independently

Color Grades redefine what a photo preset is. Built them on the powerful framework of LUTs, Color Grades effortlessly modify hue, saturation and luminance values. And those values are independent to highlights, mid-tones, and shadows. Simply put, Mextures Color Grades can change specific colors without affecting others. It feels like magic.

Tons of Unique Presets

Discover Unique Tones

Maximum Compatibility

Non-Linear Workflows

Built on the powerful framework of LUTs, Color Grades work seamlessly in Console and can be added at anytime during your edit. Tested On Hundreds of Images for maximum compatibility.

Note - Our Color Grade Presets are not conversion LUTs. If you shoot RAW or LOG, you’ll need to normalize your image/video footage

Color Grades modify each individual pixel in your image independent of highlights, mid-tones, & shadows. This gives the preset the ability to modify a spectrum of color without affecting other color values. Pretty rad, right?

Color Grades work best with our Photoshop plugin: Console, but are compatible with Pixelmator, Lumafusion, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere.

Interested in the Lightroom Version? Purchase our Bundle, or purchase our Made-For-Lightroom Filter Presets

Film Presets are added as a layer adjustment in Photoshop. Add at anytime and stack for unique results.

Add Film Presets to video clips in your favorite editor and swap them at anytime.

Get Console - Our free plugin for Photoshop.

Your time is precious and Console can help. Browse and add overlays quickly, adjust blending modes, modify layer masks, and apply beautiful Color Grade LUTs – all from one gorgeous interface.

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